Jesus Preached Divorce?

Have you wrestled with sin lately, using even God’s word to justify your actions? Apostle Paul tells us that the problem is not the Law for it is holy, the problem is SIN.

In Romans 7:11 (ESV) it says, “For sin, seizing an opportunity through the commandment, deceived me and through it killed me.”

“The utter sinfulness of sin is shown by sin’s insidious ability to use even the laws of God to do it’s dirty work. Just like Satan quoted the words of God to Eve in the garden of Eden” -Mark Dever.

I remember when I was wrestling with God saying it is okay to push my case and go and marry another. I had all the excuses in the world using even the teaching of Jesus Christ to set me free from my vows and marriage but is it really freedom? Here is where God touched me… “because of the hardness of your heart Moses gave the certificate of divorce.” I stopped and He put into remembrance His word, that He has already given me a heart of flesh and not of stone. How can I harden my heart once more to my God who gave His life for me, took my place so that I may live an eternal life with Him? Can’t I be sensitive to His death on the cross, am I really that of a stiff-necked person?

Jesus came to set you free. Don’t get me wrong on this, my “calling” is to remain married, your calling might be different from mine but I encourage you to spend time with Him through the Scripture. Even though my husband and I are living separately and he has his own ways and belief. I was called to stand my ground not to re-marry, while my husband is still alive. I’m not the one who’s going to change him, God will. My responsibility is MY RESPONSE to my God. I am called to pray for my husband, to wish him the best, to go to God and keep interceding for him. Do I do these things to please God? Certainly yes! But do I need to do this to gain His forgiveness? Certainly not!

My calling is to encourage as many of you as possible that just because it’s okay to divorce nowadays doesn’t mean it’s right. Now If you’re already divorced or annulled when you were called and you are new in faith, yet you don’t know what to do and how to follow God. I praise God that He called you and transferred you to the kingdom of the Son of His love, now walk in the Spirit where or when you are called, your testimony matters to Him, you matter to Him.

I suggest that you saturate your mind with His words. Read the Bible prayerfully, ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Don’t act right away, let His words sink in your heart over and over again. Don’t obey because you think you have to, obey Him because you love Him. It’s always just between you and God, let the Holy Spirit lead you through His word.

God is not a kill-joy kind of God, understand this, that our God wants the best for us, He doesn’t want you to suffer the consequences of sin, He is jealous FOR you. Now if you are to marry, don’t fall into the same sin. If you find a partner who doesn’t love your God, never be yoked with Him. Never get married just because you heard him say “JESUS” but His walk never even communicated that Name in his life. Be married to God first, put Him first and He will teach you how to love like Him.

Your true Husband is your Maker so do not taint Marriage, it is a foreshadow of what is to come, which is our true union with Christ! It is beautiful beyond imagination! Understand that it is to depict our very marriage with Him.

Remember this, God paid the penalty for your sins, He showed His love for us in this way… He gave his only Son to die in our place because the penalty of sin is death. Christ bore the wrath of God for us in a way that we could never bear ourselves not even for all eternity. Only in the person of Christ, perfect in Himself, Himself infinite could bear the transgression that we have committed, the penalty and punishment for them. We are infinitely heinous because they are against one who is Himself so infinitely good, only in this person could our sins be finally dealt with. And praise God that on the third day He rose from the dead as proof that we are now justified.

And how will Christ’s death be made effective for us? Is there a certain ritual we need to perform? Look the other way understand that it is because of our sins that Christ had to die in the first place. Agree with God on this -that we have sinned against Him and people are reconciled to God through the death of His Son, saved through His life. Repent and believe in Christ, his finished work on the cross, there is no other way.

For all those who are still in pain because of the parting, leave us a message in our Facebook page “Berean Women” and we will pray with you, counsel and encourage you. If you have questions let us know. For common questions about divorce please read this article: Common Questions Regarding Divorce and Remarriage


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